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Get ready to take on your next Art or Crafting project!

 Viewtainers work great every small craft part, including:
      • Legos
      • Crayons
      • Beads
      • Yarn
      • Candy
      • Pencils
      • Paint Brushes
      • Play Doe
      • Crochet Hooks
      • Pins / Needles
      • And Everything Else You Can Imagine!
Viewtainers are perfect for color coordinated organization of your small art pieces. Easy dispensing will allow you to access all your parts quickly and easily. You will never have to worry about spilling again! Viewtainers are durable and retain their contents when knocked over or dropped. They are easily stackable in boxes or bags, while still allowing you to see the contents of the Viewtainer.

Tired of spilling your beads?                                                            Use a Viewtainer!
Fed up with checking every drawer for the one thing you need?     Use a Viewtainer!
Looking to add more style to your craft room, box, or bag?             Use a Viewtainer!

See the videos below for some more examples:

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