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Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  The shopping cart can give you several options for shipping-Please check the dropdown for USPS(United States Postal Service) as they seem to be the best cost for most international orders.  You will be responsible for any duties or taxes if applicable to your country.

Are Viewtainer containers dishwasher safe?

No, Please hand wash with soap and water.

Are Viewtainer containers safe for food?

The tubes are FDA rated for food.  The caps are industrial grade and not rated for food contact.  We can provide FDA rated caps, please contact us for more information.  Viewtainer containers with the industrial grade vinyl are non-toxic and BPA free.  The adhesive used for the bottom cap is rated for potable water and safe when dry.  If there is a slight odor of adhesive when you receive your containers, please just leave cap off for a while for fumes to dissipate. 

Why is my Viewtainer container tacky on surface of cap?

We try to use the best vinyl material made in the U.S.A., but certain vinyl colors may have more plasticizer, or a particular batch of vinyl may have more than anticipated during raw material manufacture.  Plasticizer is a necessary component for the flexibility and we do our best to manage material leeching.  The plasticizer is non toxic and if you wash the caps a couple of times with soap and water, it should not return.  

What do I use to remove any Viewtainer label adhesive if I choose to remove them?

We realize some people like to remove the Viewtainer label from the tube after purchase.  There may be some residue left on the tube.  If so, you can easily remove with goo gone spray cleaner and a soft cloth like microfiber. 

What temperature range can the Viewtainer container withstand?

The tubes can begin to warp at 150° F, the caps will hold their shape to 350° F.  The complete container has been tested to go through several freeze thaw cycles with no issues.  Just don’t squeeze until it has completely thawed.